Vardenafil Brands in India

Vardenafil Brands in India: Different Manufacturers and Generic Brands with Unestablished Repute!  

Brand: Snovitra/Zhewitra/Vilitra/Valif etc.

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Various

Country of Manufacture: India

Valif Package Image

Review and Description

Vardenafil Brands in India, Snovitra, Zhewitra, Vilitra, Valif, and others are generics that contain Vardenafil. Vardenafil is yet another form of a PDE5 inhibitor which is prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in particular as it lengthens the time of the intercourse. It is sold under the brand name of Levitra but its generic equals are sold under various names, such as Snovitra, Zhewitra, Vilitra, and Valif.
Vardenafil in the same way as other PDE5 inhibitors like sildenafil citrate and tadalafil but has some structural differences. It works in the body by selectively inhibiting PDE5, while at the same time boosting the synthesis of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) in the blood. This chemical action allows the smooth muscle cells in the corpus cavernosum to become relaxed and accommodate more blood in the penis, leading to a strong erection and prolong ejaculation.

Generic Vardenafil is being manufactured by many pharmaceutical companies in India, some well-known, others not so much. For instance, Snovitra is manufactured, supplied, and exported by Parex Pharmaceuticals, RSM enterprises, Ace Golden International, and Dharam distributors. RSM enterprises has been working in India since 2008 and specializing in the production of sexual dysfunction treatment medications, as well as anti fungal, acne care, cancer-fighting medicines, weight loss, pain relief medications, as well vitamins. There might be some other manufacturers who are preparing Generic Vardenafil under other brand names which this list hasn’t included.  Meanwhile, Zhewitra is manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Sunrise Remedies has been working in India since 1995 and specializes in the production of herbal cure, cosmetics, and ayurvedic medicines. On the other hand, Vilitra is a product of Centurion Remedies, which has been operational since 1995 and produces veterinary and allopathic medicines. Lastly, Valif is made by Ajanta Pharma. Ajanta Pharma has been working in India since 1973 and is globally recognized. Some of its manufacturing facilities have been appraised by the US FDA and have been given a seal of approval.

Customer Reviews

While it is difficult to find actual user reviews related to each of the following forms of Vardenafil i.e., Snovitra, Zhewitra, Vilitra, Valif and others, one can safely say that Indian generics are gaining popularity in the realm of sexual enhancement medicines. Due to the mushrooming of newer manufacturing companies in India, newer brand generics are coming to the fore and their prices are competitively low as well. India has been dubbed as a pharmacy for the developing world because of which the pharmaceutical giants and governing bodies in the developed countries feel threatened.  However, assessing the quality of these medicines is more important than ever, as not all the companies undergo stringent quality checks and measures. The Indian government is still in the process of developing a legal framework where the quality of medicines is strictly and thoroughly tested. Thus, it is all the more important to go through reviews from actual people who have tried a particular medicine, as this would educate one about all the possible and probable side effects related to a particular generic brand and their intensity.

Pricing and Dosage

Brand Vardenafil is manufactured in a single potency i.e., 20 mg. However, the generic version of Vardenafil may have varying strengths, for example, 10 mg and 20 mg. One manufacturer of generic Vardenafil is offering 10 pills of it for $17.90 (10 mg). Those wanting to have a higher dose can buy 10 pills in 20 mg strength for $25.99.


Vardenafil under the brand name Levitra costs slightly less than Sildenafil Citrate under brand name i

Vardenafil under the brand name Levitra costs slightly less than Sildenafil Citrate under brand name i.e., Viagra. The per pill cost of brand Vardenafil is $33, whereas that of brand Viagra is $40 per pill. But the generic version of both the pills cost considerably less. In fact, the per pill cost of generic Vardenafil is roughly around $5 in the market.

How to Buy Indian Vardenafil Brands Online

Those wanting to buy Indian generic Vardenafil can find it easily in online pharmacies. It is being sold under various brand names and in varying strengths. At some pharmacies, generic Vardenafil is being sold in a chewable jelly form and even in a higher potency of 40 mg. Savings are possible on buying generic Vardenafil in bulk. In many cases, customers are required to pay a small shipping fee when purchasing their medicines. The per pill price is roughly around $5 in the following online stores but it is possible to find generic Vardenafil at a cheaper price and under other brand names in other online pharmacies:

How to Use

Vardenafil needs to be consumed with a little water at least 60 minutes prior to sexual activity. It can be taken with food as well; however, the efficacy differs from person to person. Some consumers may find Vardenafil to be more effective when taken on an empty stomach and others may find it more effective when taken with food. What one must remember is that Vardenafil is to be taken on as needed basis only and shouldn’t be consumed in a heavier dose needlessly. Tablets can be divided into halves but this would decrease their efficiency.

Side Effects

Vardenafil can lead to some unpleasant but temporary side effects that are nausea, rash, and an upset stomach. Some other side effects are a pain in back or abdomen, pain in the eyes or sensitivity to light, hypotension, edema, facial swelling. Some rare but serious side effects of Vardenafil are a heart attack, painfully lengthy erection, and deafness. The minor side effects usually go away on their own once a patient’s tolerance level for Vardenafil goes up, but serious side effects should never be ignored or left untreated.

Conclusion with Rating

Vardenafil is a kind of PDE5 inhibitor. It is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction just like Viagra, but patients who suffer from premature ejaculation find more success with it. Vardenafil suppresses the action of PDE5 in the blood and augments cGMP production. This specific action increases the supply of blood to the penis and brings about a strong erection and delays ejaculation as well.  Vardenafil’s brand name is Levitra but it is sold under lots of generic names, Snovitra, Zhewitra, Vilitra, and Valif. It is manufactured by numerous Indian manufacturers; some are well-known, while others aren’t. A good idea is to go for customer reviews related to generic Vardenafil. We haven’t been able to find reviews related to generic brands like Snovitra, Zhewitra, Vilitra, and Valif, so we cannot say for sure how well they work. We cannot assign Indian Vardenafil brands a high rating in the absence of evidence, so a rating of 1 is justified. It goes without saying that one has to be careful in choosing a suitable Indian generic brand of Vardenafil.

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