Vardenafil 60mg

Vardenafil 60mg: Generic Levitra Struggling to Penetrate International Markets

Brand: Lovevitra 60

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Delta Enterprises

Country of Manufacture: India

Vardenafil 60mg (Lovevitra 60) Package Image

Review and Description

Vardenafil 60mg (Lovevitra 60) is one of the many erectile dysfunction drugs manufactured in India. Vardenafil, its active ingredient is among one of the three most commercialized compounds that are used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction in men is said to occur when men are unable to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. The cause of this condition in men could be many factors, one of which could be stress. In some men, however, impotence might be pathophysiological, due to a defect in the penile arteries.

Vardenafil is a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor that works by relaxing the penile arteries to let in more blood. This inflow of blood is necessary for an erection to be achieved in men. Vardenafil works by delaying the action of 5-phosphodiesterase, thereby allowing cGMP to work for longer, keeping these penile arteries relaxed and engorged with blood. The more blood flows into the penile arteries, the stronger the erection becomes. This is desirable for a healthy sex life.

Lovevitra comes in small unremarkable yellow tablets which are grouped in blisters. Each blister contains 10 tablets, each containing 60 mg of the active ingredient.

Delta Enterprises is an Indian based pharmaceutical company who by 2009 had established themselves as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of drugs for erectile dysfunction together with premature ejaculation. The company is said to be WHO certified with several certification numbers.

Since Delta Enterprises is said to be specialized in male sexual health, the company has up to 29 different medications manufactured to treat the condition. The range of medicines under the Lovevitra brand included 20mg tablets, 40 and 60mg. There were also Lovevitra chewable 20mg as well as Lovevitra professional.

Other brands by the same company included Delgra, Tadadel and Sai Avana. All of these were erectile dysfunction drugs as well, each containing their own main ingredient with a unique mechanism of action.

Customer Reviews

For some time, Delta Enterprises has been one of the many producers of medications that improve men’s’ sexual health in India. The company boasts of having several awards and certifications since its inception in 2009. Being established in 2009 makes the pharmaceutical company young and probably inexperienced in the large international pharmaceutical market. According to their website, the manufacturing plants of Delta Enterprises are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 2004 certified. Together with its WHO certification, the pharmaceutical company is poised to make waves in the international market. It should be said, however, that it is better for potential clients to look for medication from more established and well-known pharmaceutical companies. This enables the customers to be sure of the medication they are receiving and its efficacy

Pricing and Dosage

The prices outlined for Vardenafil 60mg (Lovevitra 60) were based on the number of pills ordered. The starting unit price stood at $1.25. This price per pill steadily decreases with increase in the number of ordered pills.

By the time the customer orders 100 pills, the price per pill will stand at an unbelievable alt=

By the time the customer orders 100 pills, the price per pill will stand at an unbelievable $0.60. This is far less than the price of brand Viagra on the market which sells for about $60 per 100mg pill, making an order of just 10 pills an unbelievable $600. The reduction in prices of generic brands enables more people to patronize them and also save money.

Since Lovevitra is made simply for erectile dysfunction, there is no strict regimen as regarding its intake, thus there are no missed doses. Patients should just take the medication as needed or as directed by the medical professional who prescribed the drug to them.

How to Buy Vardenafil 60mg Online

Lovevitra is scarce to find online, probably because the generic brand has not been able to penetrate the international market yet. However, several cheap, but more internationally recognized generics are available online. Levitra, which comes in doses 20 and 10mg is available for $4.37 per pill for 10 tablets of the 20 mg dose and $3.45 per pill for 10 tablets of the 10mg dose. The cost for shipping differs based on the vendor. It is necessary that one checks the reputation of the vendor before buying any generic medications. Shipping is done usually by airmail or by EMS courier service delivery. It is expected that the latter option is the more expensive since the ordered medication takes much longer to arrive.

You can find generic Levitra online is the flowing stores:

How to Use

Lovevitra is pretty simple to use, however it should be used only based on a doctor’s prescription. The starting dose for men is 10 mg. Therefore, a person should only use the 60 mg pill after they have been asked by a medical professional to do so.

Lovevitra is taken orally an hour to the expected time of sexual intercourse, with or without food. It is necessary to swallow the pill with water. The drug only works after the user has been sexually stimulated. People should under no circumstance overdose on Lovevitra since it can cause adverse effects.

Side Effects

The side effects noted with the use of Lovevitra and other Vardenafil containing drugs are generally mild and of no lethal effects. Prior to taking the medication, patients should be sure they do not have any allergies to Vardenafil. Patients who are on treatment for cardiovascular diseases should see a medical professional before taking Lovevitra.

Common side effects include nausea and vomiting, backaches, facial swelling, facial flushing, and headaches. More severe and rare side effects are dizziness, sudden vision loss, chest pain, eyelid swelling and sudden hearing loss. If a person experiences these side effects, he should visit a doctor immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Vardenafil 60mg (Lovevitra 60) seems to be a locally established Vardenafil containing generic erectile dysfunction medication that was produced in India. India is one of the largest producers of generic brands of erectile dysfunction drugs, offering them at a much cheaper rate than the branded counterparts. Vardenafil is a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor that enables men to maintain an erection by increasing blood flow into the penile arteries. When this is done, men are able to have a healthier and more enjoyable sex life.

Delta Enterprises is an Indian based pharmaceutical company that specializes in producing various ranges of sexual dysfunction drugs for the treatment of this condition in men. Their range of medication includes treatment for erectile dysfunction and pre-ejaculation in men. The company has about 4 different brands with more than 29 different medications available.

Regardless of its success, it was impossible to find reviews on Lovevitra online, and information about Delta Enterprises was scarce. It is advised that potential buyers look for more international recognized medications to purchase in order to treat their conditions. The more recognized drugs are tried and tested therefore they have a greater consumer base, with lots of reviews about how the drug worked for them individually. Based on these testimonies, a person would be able to make a more informed decision.

Lovevitra can be rated 2 out of 5 due to the scarce information available about the drug and its manufacturing company. It is better to recommend other generic forms of Levitra potential buyers.

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